Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Babies Will Be a Week Old Tomorrow!

Ok, so the picture is a little fuzzy - these are my new layer chicks for this year - Rhode Island Reds, Black Stars (that's a cross between Rhode Island Red and Australorpe), and Ameraucanas (they're the cute stripey ones). These were hatched out by a local man in a room just off his kitchen, from eggs from his own chickens - I love local! I also love local because whenever I've gotten day-old chicks delivered through the mail, a few always die in the first few days. No fun. But whenever I've picked up my chicks and brought them home from the hatchery myself, I've never lost a single one. That's enough of a reason for me right there!

Although those chicks are so cute, I really chose this picture to show off my Mothers' Day present from my nine-year-old daughter - she made that chick feeder for me! The bottom is a cool whip container, cut shorter, with a cottage cheese container glued into it. The cottage cheese container has holes cut around the bottom to let the feed spill into the larger dish. It works wonderfully, and I love thinking of my daughter every time I see it!

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  1. That's a great feeder! And it's nice to support other local chicken people!