Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Garden Snapshot

Just a quick snapshot of what's up in the garden already:
Cherry blossoms on my Nanking Cherry bushes.

Daffodils in the bed next to the house (which unfortunately will have to be moved before we put the addition on this summer!)
Chives (I had some of these in my omelet for lunch!)

Pea sprouts (you can see the shadow of the tomato cages I'm growing them on this year)
Lettuce sprouts (these "volunteered" from some plants I let go to seed last fall)

Spinach (also self-seeded from last years' plants)

And, of course, weeds. I took this picture just two days after I'd weeded out all the grass out of this bed (or so I thought . . .)
But the rhubarb and lettuce looks good, doesn't it?

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