Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Garden Accounting - August

Here's the August installment for the Garden Accounting Series (you can see the totals for June here and July here) - boy, is the produce rolling in now!

I ended July netting about $150, so everything I harvested this month was gravy. The biggest payer this month was the pickles (I grew the cukes, dill, and garlic, so all I had to purchase was the vinegar), which on their own saved me $145 (yup, almost as much as everything last month combined!) Coming in a far second was the potatoes at $66 (and I've only harvested half of them so far!), then the wild mushrooms (I harvested them from my yard, so they count!) and the elderberries (did you know 4oz of elderberry syrup costs $18 at my local health food store? My feeble little 1/2 cup (which made 10 oz of syrup) just saved me $45! Ka-ching!) Grand total: $409 and change, bringing my garden "earnings" for the year up to roughly $560. What a blessing this garden has been!

Here's the tally of what I harvested this month:
48 quarts of pickles
55 pounds of potatoes
20 pounds of zucchini
4 dozen ears of sweet corn
4 pounds of tomatoes
7 slicing cucumbers
9 bunches of chard
9 small onions
8 pounds of carrots
1 1/2 pounds of broccoli (hopefully my fall planting does better!)
2 1/2 pounds of beans (they're just getting going - hopefully I'll have a lot more next month)
10 bunches of parsley
6 bunches of chives
20 cloves of garlic
14 grams of peppermint, dried for tea
3 oz (dried) mushrooms
1/2 cup elderberries

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  1. I love the way you kept track of everything! I'm very impressed. Join our Frugal Tuesday Tip again!