Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Look what I made (with a little help from my little brother)

I've been making butter (and buttermilk and sour cream; that's what those jars in the back are) from my raw milk's cream for a long time, and I've always wished that I could make homemade butter in the convenient 8 tablespoon size sticks like "regular" butter.

So, I found a wooden tea box that looked about the same size (amazingly, it turned out to be EXACTLY the same size, just double-deep, so I cut it in half). I tried it out (using a wrapper from store-bought butter to line the homemade mold) and it worked perfectly! Now, if I could only be sure the wood was food-safe so I could dispense with the plastic-coated wrapper . . .

So I called upon my little brother (aka The Enabler, husband of The Instigator) and asked if he could cut a little cutting board I had to the exact size of the prototype cut-in-half tea box I'd made. Never one to turn down a homesteading challenge (and since he had the right tools anyway) he got right to it, and before my afternoon visit was over he handed me my prize (pictured above, covered with butter)

I am so spoiled!

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