Monday, October 17, 2016

Broccoli Three Ways

Just had to share this picture I took with my phone when I went out to check for eggs this afternoon. Although it looks like a mess, this is actually one of the most productive parts of my garden. I planted broccoli (and other things) in the chicken run this spring, while the chickens were out in another pasture. When I'd harvested all I wanted, I let the broccoli flower, and eventually let the chickens back in to that pasture. Now the bees are enjoying the late fall nectar from the broccoli flowers, the chickens are feasting on the broccoli leaves (and any cabbage worms that may fall off of the broccoli), and the plants are enjoying the fertility left behind by the chickens. It was one of those scenes that made me stop and think, "Yup, God knew what he was doing!" It all works together so perfectly!
Not to mention we humans get three harvests from one plant - the broccoli florets, the honey from the bees, and the eggs from the chickens (four if you count the meat and broth from the chickens when they're done laying!) So much abundance from one small space!


  1. Hi,
    I LOVE the photo of you!!! What a pretty Cheerful Agrarian.
    You are so right, love what you shared as well. God is SO good!!
    xx oo

    1. Oh, Carla, you're so sweet! Thank you! Hope to see you again soon!