Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Our First Try at Rabbit Processing

My very relieved (and a bit disheveled) rabbit raiser
We did it! The day we've been dreading finally came, and after all it wasn't so bad (thanks, I think, to our previous chicken butchering experience - we knew what it would take mentally to "do the deed", so it was just adjusting to the different anatomy.) This was the make-or-breaker for my son's rabbit-raising enterprise, and he managed it extremely well (I should have said "he" did it rather than "we" - he did all the work, I was just the cheerleader/instruction reader). We're both still in the grips of the "we were dreading this ordeal and now it's over" euphoria, very pleased with a job well done!
I can't recommend the book Butchering by Adam Danforth highly enough  It has very detailed instructions, including color photographs, so you know exactly what to expect. My son read and re-read the rabbit section of this book preparing for today, and it helped immensely in giving him confidence.

 Click on the picture of the book or the link in the text to view a full description on Amazon.com. 
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