Friday, July 11, 2014

Add Sourdough Starter to Your Pancakes

I learned recently that you can add extra sourdough starter to your pancake or waffle recipes - as much or as little as you want (although I wouldn't go more than 50%). This is a great way to use starter that's not up to full strength (either a new starter, or one you're reviving from freezing or dehydrating), or if you haven't had a chance to bake in a while and you just have too much. I made a batch of cornmeal pancakes today, with a recipe that called for 2 cups of flour (I used sprouted whole wheat) and 2 cups of cornmeal (I used masa harina) and added about 1 cup of starter (I didn't measure, I just dolloped it into the pancake batter and stirred it in). They turned out wonderfully!

I've done this with other pancake and waffle recipes, too, and they always turn out great.

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