Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What a difference a warm spring day makes!

On Sunday morning, 99% of my yard was still covered in snow, some more than a foot deep. Then Sunday, Monday, and today all topped 50 degrees F, and this is what I found outside this afternoon:
The first leaves of spinach are uncurling from last year's "dead" plants (remember, this was under snow just two days ago!)
The walking onions are sending up new green leaves, too (sorry about the wire in the foreground; I have a chicken tractor parked over this garden bed).
These are rhubarb stalks pushing up from the ground (this bed has actually been snow-free for about a week now; it's on a south-facing slope.)
And although these aren't edible, they are the first blooming thing after a very long and very cold winter, and they make me happy (these are in a bed next to the house, so they've been snow-free for about a week, too).

A quick google search, just to make sure, informed me that I was wrong: some crocus ARE edible - in fact, the ridiculously expensive spice saffron is harvested from a particular kind of fall-blooming crocus! You learn something new every day!

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