Saturday, January 5, 2013

Raw Egg Nog

I was so excited to find this recipe - it's so much easier to make than my old recipe (which needed to be cooked carefully and strained to get out any clumps in the cooked eggs - plus I hated to ruin my good, raw milk!) This one just needs to be mixed together (use your blender for a regular batch, or a stick blender for a double batch), and it's ready! We had this for breakfast Christmas morning with our cinnamon rolls. YUM!

Raw Egg Nog  
(you can make this with pasteurized milk and cream if you don't have access to quality raw milk)
2 cups raw cream
2 cups raw milk
3 fresh pastured eggs (or more, if desired) (only use raw eggs if you're confident of your source!)
1/3 cup raw honey*
1 tsp vanilla extract
rum to taste
Mix all in a blender and enjoy!

*Update: Instead of using raw honey and vanilla, you can make this with maple syrup instead. I like it even better this way!

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  1. Love raw eggnog. Your recipe uses a lot fewer eggs than mine.