Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The New Girls

For my daughter's tenth birthday, we gave her 5 bantam hens (purchased from a local chicken keeper). I've been thinking of getting some banty hens for a while now, since they have a reputation for being frequently broody and great mothers (I've tried to hatch eggs in an incubator three times now, with no success). We really want to be more self-sufficient as far as the chickens are concerned (it really burns me that we feed a rooster all year so we have fertile eggs, but haven't been able to hatch any chicks!) The woman we bought them from said they've all set chicks for her, so we have high hopes for some cheeping babies from our own chickens sometime soon!

Without further ado, here are some pictures of our new girls:

(Sorry about the "blue screen" effect on the pictures; it was a hot day today, and they wanted to stay under the tarp and out of the sun!)

Millie the mille fleur

Minnie the game hen (Minnie is for "miniature" - they're all small, but she's tiny!)

Nellie is a cochin/silkie cross (she looks pretty chubby, but she's all feathers!)

Marsha (short for "Marshmallow") - another cochin

And, last but not least (my favorite!) - Mrs. Blewett (another cochin)

Welcome to the farm, ladies!

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