Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Simple Substitute for Graham Cracker Crust

When I first started trying to cook from scratch, without any processed-food ingredients, I had a hard time with desserts. I would find a recipe that looked good (ooh, the cheesecakes!) but they all had a graham cracker crust! What to do?

Then I discovered this recipe, and a whole new world of baking opened up for me. It's NT-friendly, no-bake, and extremely easy to make!

Easy Nutty Crust
1 cup flour (sprouted whole wheat works great)
1 cup ground walnuts or pecans (I generally use NT-style crispy walnuts)
5 Tbsp butter (room temperature is fine)
Mix all together well and press into 9x13 pan. Top as desired.

See? So easy!

Pressed in the pan and ready for filling!
 Some of my favorite ways to use this (other than cheesecake, obviously!) is with Pumpkin Pie Bars and Poppy Seed Torte (I'm making myself hungry . . .)

This post is part of Real Food Wednesday.


  1. Hey, Ruth. Do you think coconut flour would work? Would you need to reduce the amount of butter then?

    1. Hi Rachel - sorry, I just saw this - it got sent to my junk email folder. I don't cook with coconut flour, so I really don't know how it would work. Sorry!